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have acquired the feature film rights to Screw Everyone!
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“Perhaps you think you have had some weird sexual experiences, and perhaps you have. But I can pretty much guarantee you have never approached Ophira Eisenberg’s catalog of bizarre, hilarious, and sometimes touching (in more ways than one) libidinous escapades. Ophira is the woman every mother is worried their daughter will become, but let me assure all moms out there: if your daughter does grow up to be Ophira, rejoice. Because the world needs a lot more smart and hilarious women exactly like her.”
Michael Ian Black

“Eisenberg is clearly not just a great comedian; she’s a great writer, comfortable holding back the urge to joke in favor of evocative impressions of big-city life, of New York’s seemingly intractable dating scene, and of her male-dominated profession. Little feels exaggerated in “Screw Everyone,” which is rare for a comedic memoir, and it rises above the current crop not only as a well-written, original story, but as a celebration of female sexual freedom.”
– Liz Colville, San Francisco Chronicle

In her first book, Screw Everyone, Eisenberg bares all: saying yes to everyone and everything, and eventually finding the “real thing”—one promiscuous encounter at a time.

Believing she could outsmart and out-bed them all, Eisenberg approached dating like a science experiment. She traveled from futon to futon, gathering data, figuring one day she’d put it all together and build her own perfect Frankenmate. As it turns out, she finds that the secret to finding true love is an open heart and a very large sample size.